Sunday, May 6, 2007

Welcome to Flavor Country

In my mind, there are really only two types of smokers.
People who smoke regular cigarettes, and those who smoke menthol.
I can not fathom the want to smoke something that makes you feel as if you had just eaten hot tooth-paste and fiberglass.
Listen up menthol makers. If I wanted to brush my teeth, I would, but I don't, because a Lion does not brush HIS teeth and He's the king.

I guess that's why I have six severe cavity's, and my mouth bleeds whenever I try to whistle. Anyways, bums on the street always ask me "Got an extra smoke man?" and when I deliver the goods, I receive a look of disgust from said bum, and a "Hey man...this ain't a Newport?". Well excuse-fucking-me homeless guy, I'm sorry my tastes are not as refined as YOURS. You're lucky you even got a smoke broseff. And then the piece of garbage gives it BACK! "No man, I only smoke menthol". You're a fucking bum dude! You don't have many options, but if you want to Jones for a smoke all day because you're "picky" about your type, be my fucking guest.

I'll stick with my regulars any day, like a real man. Hail to the King baby.