Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now In Technicolor!

So I have a terrible problem with woman I meet. It's not that I can't pick them up, its the staying sober long enough to take em out back and fuck their brains out. You see, typically at a bar, I will have a few Guinness, feel invincible, and meet a lass. We hit it off, and then I wake up in a gutter in Boston wondering where the hell I went wrong. The Wild Rover is cock-blocking me all the time.
So I decided to train, and train hard. I will just have to build up an incredible tolerance to my Guinness. I have been working 60+ hours a week, building my funds for such a grueling training process. It's going to be costly you know.

Paddy Barry's, warm the tap, I'm taking the rocky road to Dublin, and you're comming with me.
I feel like Rocky, only more coherent when I'm pissed drunk.

And ladies, when I complete my training, get ready for the best goddamn 13 seconds of your fucking lives!

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