Monday, August 13, 2007

The Exodus

I have recently come to the conclusion, that I need a change of environment. February, 2008, I plan on exiting the heavily taxed state of Massachusetts's for greener pastures.
Sure, I had some great times here. I became a man here, but there is really nothing LEFT here for me. I believe I will be moving to Philly, or Jersey. Rent is cheaper, life is better.
I need to sit down with the parents and fill them in, as well as get my goodbye's in order with a few friends. I figure I will just up and leave with no set date other than "February".

In other news. I found these fucking WILD noodles at the T. $1.50 for what appears to be a KFC Bucket-size of Asian noodles. Needless to say, I bought them all, take THAT poor people!
I drank 8 energy drinks at work the other night, almost had a heart attack. Fuck I rule. Anyways, not much more to tell.


Ryan said...

Philadelphia is cool because you can walk around in a powdered wig and nobody looks at you funny.

Hans Strongo said...

Apparently, Philly has some rad Iced Tea. You're blog could use either more updating or more lemur, or a combination of the two.